First blog post

Hello everyone, I’d love to welcome to my very own blog! I’ll tell you all a bit about myself and let you know why I’ve decided to start my blog. My name is Anna and I am now currently 21 years old. I was born in a small town called Sabara in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. However, I grew up my whole life in New Jersey. I moved shortly after my first year of high school. Which wasn’t quite an easy process for me. Now I live in a small town called Hillside but Newark will forever be my hometown to me. This place is one where everybody knows everybody.

I do not wish to make this blog one to be OF someone but rather to be ABOUT someone. I always wish for people and things to be nothing less than authentic, raw, pure. I want things to be bluntly honest. I don’t necessarily have only ONE specific topic or issue to talk about. You are surely welcome to comment below some things YOU are interested in talking about or somethings you feel need to be spoken or mentioned with others! It can be anything from questions about books to college related questions to social issues to anything you feel the is needed to shared!

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Netflix's 13 Reasons Why

I know this will seem far too cliché to be my article. But I just feel the need to get this off my chest. I’m pretty sure that most, if not everyone have watched or heard about the new TV series based on an original novel written by Jay Asher. Hannah Baker who is played by Katherine Langford, faces plenitude traumatic experiences that lead to her taking her own life.

13 Reasons Why’ is the best show for high school and college students to watch. This applies to parents as well and should mainly be required to form students to watch in class. Just like sex ed, drivers ed and English 101 are required courses to be taken in high school and college, so should Suicide Prevention. Teachers, faculty members, principals, students and peers; don’t wait until the ‘after’ effect of what we hope to never happen; to start realizing signs and seeking help for yourself or others you notice are showing suicidal characteristics.

Depression when unnoticed, untreated, and not taken care of can sooner or later can lead to suicidal actions being taken. Teens and young adults might not speak about how they feel because they don’t think anyone’s actually listening to what they have to say. Some are just hearing them. 13 Reasons Why touches on suicide, mental health issues, sexual assault among teens and relationships amongst them and their families. All things that happen far too often to be left unnoticed and not taken care of.

Many people believe that 13 Reasons Why is nothing but a wasteful novel put into a show series simply ‘glamorizing’ such horrific issues such as suicide, sexual assaults, peer pressure and much more. Trust me there is nothing entertaining or amusing about seeing and witnessing beautiful souls with intricate minds be removed from this cold world. I’m glad that Brian Yorkey chose to display vivid scenes that showed nudity during the rape and showed Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) cut her wrists with a sharp blade as the blood dripped down her wrists. This shows how much words effect young lives. Especially the lives of high school students as well as college.

So before you call a girl a “bitch” just because she plays by her own rules and speaks her mind, you might want to think twice before doing that. Or before calling a guy a “fag” for being kind to someone else (this trend baffles my mind when I think about honestly) who isn’t at the same high social level as his. Or before calling someone “fat as hell”, just think. Think about how much your words can immensely effect the behavior of someone and how they might feel. Just like Justin Foley, Alex Standall, Jessica Davis, Tyler Down, Courtney , Marcus Cooley, Zach Dempsey, Ryan Shaver, Jenny Kurtz, Bryce Walker and yes, innocent little Clay Jenson too; all gave Hannah Baker a reason, or in this case 13 reasons to decide to kill herself unfortunately.

Even Mr.Porter, Hannah’s guidance counselor, who is supposed to save us from bullies, get us out of malicious situations and make us feel better about ourselves. When Mr.Porter sat down with Hannah Baker to talk about college plans her academic goals; he was too oblivious to the words that were coming from Hannah’s mouth. Some people have such an enormous amount of apathy in relation to what they say and how they act towards others. Suicide is a serious yet sensitive issue that is effecting many young lives today. If you meet someone that may display the slightest bit of characteristics of someone with suicidal thoughts or actions, don’t take a minute to hesitate. Talk to them or tell someone. You can be that person that could save them. So thank you Jay Asher for creating such an intensely ground-breaking novel and Brian Yorkey for transitioning the novel into the big screens and help us change the way we act towards others. Whether it’s in the halls, at a café, on a field, at work or wherever. Be kind to one another.
– aa